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Mobile First Web Design

\'Content First\' and \'Mobile First\' methodologies are designed to put the emphasis on content prioritisation, and to ensure that important information reaches the users, no matter what device they are using. These methodologies are often part of a responsive design strategy, and reflect an approach that allows the enterprise to display important business information to users quickly and with established priorities. If the navigation menu or company message is not clear or if it does not load fast on a smart phone the business may lose clients, customer trust, credibility and revenue. Having a content first strategy will help the enterprise to establish and sustain trust by respecting the user\'s time and attention

Do mobile websites help?

There are numerous mobile website at service to enable you to create your mobile website. They have certain standard mobile website templates, from which they will give you the one that will be best suitable for the dissemination of information on your site. They will help in creating a mobile website design which will fit well within a mobile screen by keeping in mind the dimensions. Though you might be able to do the same, they will help you in doing the same by making your website compatible with the systems of almost all the phones, be it Blackberry, iPhone or Android or any of the basic model phones.

What do you have to do if you are creating your own mobile website?

When you are not taking the aid of mobile website what you could do is to take a few of the standard mobile website that are available on the web and use the ones that will suit your need. It is best for you to not stick to a specific format or application which will suit only a particular model. There are numerous advantages in using an application which will be accessible on almost all the platforms. This will ensure that all your customers can access you via their mobiles. They will not have to do any inconvenient downloads and thereby get frustrated. It is also very easy and cost-efficient to be managed by you. Even when you have to upload, you can just do it by a simple procedure. There is no need for you to update it on every link.

While designing your mobile website you also need to keep in mind that the user is not looking at how appealing it looks. All that is required is the content and the clarity in the same. The user will not be able to go from one link to another as on a desktop or laptop, simply because the mobile is not as quick and as equipped as a computer. So, you need to ensure that he is able to receive all the required information on your site and preferably in a single page. Also, you need to make sure that all the important details are put in such a way so as to catch the eye of the user. Further, time is a concern while using the web on the phone and therefore, it is best to keep it in a resolution which will load quickly, especially when there are pictures.
It is only all these small details that make the experience of a user an optimum one and not the big things which we actually think as being ingredients making a difference.

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