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Interesting Facts About Milwaukee

Milwaukee is not the most famous US city. It is located on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, the only wholly-owned by United States, Michigan. And although the city is hardly touristic, it is included in the program of some cruises on the Great Lakes.

The city was founded by the French, more precisely, by the Canadians of French origin, but in the early 20th century, three-quarters of its population had German roots. Now Milwaukee is the most German city in the country.

Milwaukee is called creamy city because of many buildings, which are made of bricks produced from local clay cream. This brick was exported to New York, Chicago and even to Europe.

The city is known among beer lovers all over the world. After all, once Milwaukee was the world leader in the beer industry. But even now huge breweries will be interesting to all fans of beer.

In the United States city of Milwaukee is considered as \"beer town\". When settlers began to arrive from Germany, they organized the production of drink on their new homeland. And in 1843 for every 40 inhabitants where was 1 beer tavern.

Back in 1855, Fredrick Miller bought a small brewery. Then it was just a Victorian house, surrounded by woods. And now, a copy of this brewery is located in Miller Valley, a brewery Miller Coors Brewing Company is the second largest in the US. The company pours 200,000 cans of beer daily. A distribution center in Milwaukee Miller plant covers an area of 5 football fields. At the same time, it is half a million cans of beer. The main consumer of Milwaukee beer in Chicago, which is located not far from Milwaukee. In the city, you can visit huge Miller\'s Cave, where the beer was stored prior to the introduction of modern cooling systems.

In the city is situated the headquarters of a well-known company producing legendary motorcycles - Harley-Davidson. These beautiful and powerful machines are associated with the image of a true biker. In Milwaukee, you can visit the Museum of Harley-Davidson, Where are more than 450 motorcycles, as well as the oldest motorcycle named \"No. 1\". And, by the way, HD club members allowed in the museum free of charge.

On October 14, 1912, in Milwaukee, there was an attempt of assassination on Theodore Roosevelt, who at that time was the ex-president and was taking part in a new presidential race. The bullet pierced the 50-page manuscript of a speech and got into Roosevelt\'s chest. As an experienced hunter, he defined that the bullet had not struck a light. Then, as nothing has happened he read the speech, while on his chest blurred a spot of blood.

The city was able to \"move away\" from the hardships of the Great Depression at the end of the \'30s, but soon the US entry into World War II again violated the usual life of Milwaukee. However, 10 years later problems with the work have disappeared - all the industrial potential of the city was aimed at producing a wide variety of products for the front.

Shortly after the war, the population of Milwaukee began to grow again, and by 1960 it had already exceeded seven hundred thousand people. In addition, at this time began active building in the city from houses to highways.

Milwaukee can \"boast\" not only thanks to Miller. In Milwaukee was founded a world-famous company producing motorcycles, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, and the natives of the city are also well-known, like actors Spencer Tracy and Heather Graham, as well as producer and director Jerry Zucker.

One more interesting fact about Milwaukee is that it is called the city of festivals. In summer, you can come back at any time and precisely get to any festival. The most common events are held on the shores of Lake Michigan. Many festivals have an ethnic character.

The visiting card of Milwaukee is \"Hall Kvadrachchi\", one of the buildings of the Art Museum. Its author is Santiago Calatrava. This building cost $ 100 million, but the money was clearly well spent. The building is unusual, even futuristic. Several times a day over it, like a bird\'s wing, the sunscreen opens. A few times a day over it, the sunscreen opens like a bird\'s wing.

Milwaukee is not the city for which you need to go overseas. But it is worthy to visit it for a couple of days if you are near. If you need a Milwaukee website design team, Heaviside Group can help.

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