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Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

By cvsloane | November 18, 2016

Milwaukee is known as a typical blue-collar town with blue-collar tastes. Steakhouses, burger joints, and diners all thrive throughout the city. Local bars are lively places and are great for when you want to have a night on the town. With some many choices, sometimes it can be hard to know where all the best …

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Biggest Companies In Milwaukee

By cvsloane | November 18, 2016

Milwaukee, the Midwest city known for its love of baseball and it’s rich brewing history, is often overlooked as an epicentre for business. The lesser known fact is that Milwaukee is home to more large businesses than many other cities of it’s size. In Milwaukee, you’ll find the headquarters of a wide variety of firms. …

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Brief History of Milwaukee

By cvsloane | November 18, 2016

For several thousand years, the area that we now know as Milwaukee was used as neutral ground between several Native American tribes, such as the Menominee, the Ojibwe, and perhaps the most influential of the groups, the Potawatomi. It is believed that the word Milwaukee derives from the Potawatomi word for council grounds, which is …

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Famous People From Milwaukee

By cvsloane | November 18, 2016

Harley Davidson, beer, and the Major League are just a few of the things that spring to mind when you mention Milwaukee. The creamy city is famous for many things except its golden boys and girls. Unknown to many, there are more than a dozen famous people who call Milwaukee home, including authors, gifted artists, …

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Interesting Facts About Milwaukee

By cvsloane | November 18, 2016

Milwaukee is not the most famous US city. It is located on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, the only wholly-owned by United States, Michigan. And although the city is hardly touristic, it is included in the program of some cruises on the Great Lakes. The city was founded by the French, more …

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