6 Best Persuasion Tips

6 Best Persuasion Tips

What are the best persuasion tips?

There are many opinions regarding how to effectively persuade someone. Some of these form the basis of "closing techniques" meant to seal the deal and convert a prospect into a customer. This great infographic from Everreach confirms our view that the best persuasion tips are not focused on forcing someone to move with tricks and techniques, but rather focusing on the psychological drivers that guide decisionmaking. You win or lose the sale based on timing, problem-solving or need a match, and passing the quality test. You can improve your chances by building these elements into your offer or value proposition.


As an example, let's look at one of the most effective marketing methods out there today: content marketing. Why does it work? If we ignore the huge SEO benefits and focus on the persuasiveness, it hits on several of the best persuasive tips below:


  • Reciprocity - You get the free ebook, or the long-form article on best practices, or the list of best persuasion tips, and you learn something useful to you. You are now subtly "in-debt" to the content provider. They make it worse by piling on more, often targeted directly to your interests. You're more likely to buy from them.


  • Authority - You're learned something useful, and the content provider has established themselves as authoritative, credible experts. Since they clearly know what they are talking about, you're more likely to buy from them.


  • Liking - You also enjoyed reading the content. They entertained you, and the "voice" of their material was unique and likable. They made themselves likable, and you're more likely to buy from them.


  • Consensus - You also noticed that the content has been shared by a ton of people, and if they have comments on there is an active discussion around the subject there. They have set up social signals that indicate others find their content useful as well, and now you're more likely to buy from them.


We didn't touch on consistency or scarcity but those frequently apply to content marketing as well, especially more advanced campaigns. Read through the infographic for more.

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